Hi, my name is Himanshu Negi. I was always excited about Computers, Internet and Technology. That’s why, I opted for computer programming at school and then did my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Soon, I went for Ethical Hacking Course and completed it successfully. Now, I am about to accomplish master’s degree in computer application (MCA).

Finally, I am here to teach you everything (from basic) what I had learned about Hacking. I created this website for my friends and family (specially, you all cousins) who are always asking me about hacking and cyber security.

So, I leaned Information Security from different sources:

  • Course itself,
  • Course study material,
  • Ethical hacking books,
  • Online hacking video courses,
  • Hacking websites and forums!
  • And more!

Almost, everything is ONLINE! My aim is to compile everything about Ethical Hacking and Information Security at one place and turn it into an easy to follow free ethical hacking course.

I wish, I could teach you one-to-one but I also have got limited time and energy. So, this website will serve the following purpose-

  • Developing an understanding of Ethical Hacking!
  • An Attitude of a White Hat hacker!
  • Interest for Hacking as well as Security!
  • Interest for learning and skill development!
  • And ULTIMATELY to provide you as much resources as possible!

TeachMeHacking.Com will try to answer all your amazing questions like

If you are a reader of this free ethical hacking course then feel free to ask me your security related question and discuss ethical hacking stuff. I will try my best to guide you!

Now, I seek you support and feedback to make this website better and more useful! Suggestion and criticism can be send via contact form.


Your Host and Admin
Himanshu Negi,
CISE (Certified Information Security Expert)