How to Become a Professional Hacker?

A hacker is a person who performs hacking. A person responsible for auditing security of any system and then provides different measures to improve overall security. To become a professional hacker, we have compiled a to-do and not-to-do list for you.

Prerequisites: First Read: What is Hacking? Types of Hacking and Types of Hackers!

How to Not – Become a Stupid Hacker?

In order to become a security professional or a reputed hacker you need to have a proper mindset and attitude. There certain things you MUST NOT DO. We have explained them in this part.

Not being a stupid Hacker – I wrote this stuff to warn all my new hackers! Your actions and attitude can bring you lots of flame and trouble in the Hacking Society. This article includes some suggestions and important tips for you.

Don’t slap your Questions on Other’s Face!

plenty of questionsWe can find plenty of guys on Social Groups and at hacking forums who just ask “how to hack”, “how can I hack?” or “how to hack someone’s facebook” etc. They ask these same questions again and again and never gets any valid answer to their question. WHY?

  • Because these questions are already answered several times on Internet (in security and ethical hacking books, on this website as well). You just have to search! If you can’t accomplish this small task, then just forget about hacking!
  • Nobody wish to waste their time teaching a person who is so lame. When they help you, you ask them more questions (without making any efforts on your part), you just kill their valuable time.
  • Usually, who answers these idiotic questions is actually all new to the hacking. They are just some excited and rookie guys who knew some or two words of hacking. They help you to get everyone’s attention and earn reputation in the community!
  • When you put these hacking questions on other’s face, you just prove them that you are newbie. You want a quick solution to your problem, you are lazy and you don’t wish to make any efforts on your part. SHAME!

Above words may sound bitter to you, but they’re absolutely true. Face the reality! Asking how to “hack facebook?”, “how to hack WiFi?”, or just “how to hack?” will only earn you only insult and ignorance in the community.

WHAT TO DO – IF NO SOLUTION IS FOUND? If you are extremely unlucky and there is no solution available to your problem. Then, use appropriate forums or Q&A sites and mention the efforts you made- such as, how much info you found and what you didn’t found, where you looked for the solution etc.

Never Show Off – Everyone Recognizes You!

A very basic tip for everyone– never show off. This includes following practices:

  • Little Knowledge is Dangerous- Don’t Show Off– If you don’t have sufficient knowledge on any topic, then just don’t speak about it on public forums and places. Your opinion may be rewarded with tones of insult. So, stay quiet and find solution for yourself first.
  • What’s your handle EvilHaxor?Some users on social networking sites and hacking groups uses handle (alias name) such [email protected], H4X0r or H4k3rz etc. Don’t copy such people, most of them possess little to no knowledge about computers, networking or hacking.
  • Don’t Boast, Don’t make Noise– Don’t make false claim of hacking something. Even, if you did. Never disclose – you might end up in a JAIL. Always remember, somewhere someone with more knowledge than you exists. He is always watching you!

Sometimes Things Don’t Work – Don’t Be Stupid!


As said, sometimes things simply don’t work. If any tool or technique mentioned on this website is not working for you- then, that doesn’t mean it’s fake or joke.

When people don’t have sufficient knowledge, they obviously fail. And because they don’t understand the underlying concept- they talk nonsense and argue. Situation gets even worse!

In case, something is not working for you- stay calm. Try to study first and then perform practical. You already know where to search for solutions (use Google). Also, read the recommended books and references given with each tutorial.

Don’t Harm Anyone – Don’t Book Your Trip to JAIL

All the stuff on this blog not limited to tutorials, videos and ideas are for educational purpose only. When I say it – I mean it.

Don’t harm anyone! if you did then you are not an ethical hacker. Remember– all hacking process can be performed in controlled environment.

Hacking without consent of all involved parties is considered as illegal. You may get jailed for your hacking acts. We never encourage cracking or black hat hacking.

Note: Read the disclaimer on this website, I won’t be held responsible for your actions. When a word “Hack/Hacker/Hacking” comes throughout this blog, it should be treated as “Ethical Hack/Ethical Hacker/Ethical Hacking” as required.

Congratulation, if you have read this much then you are ready to become an ethical hacker.

How to Become a Professional Hacker?

professionalTo become a professional hacker, you just need to gather as much as TECH Knowledge as possible. And of course, a lot of analytic and hacking skills are needed. You can then apply for a job in any organizations to work as computer hacker, security researcher or cyber security expert etc. In short,

  • Get the Required Qualification & Gather Knowledge
  • Apply for a Hacker Job and Get it!

In the remaining article, I will try to mention all the required resources and steps needed to become a professional hacker.

Required Qualification

As a computer hacker you are expected to know about Computers, Computer Networks, Programming, Operating Systems, Web Applications, Software and what not. Most hacker jobs at classified sites have technical qualification requirements.

  • Opt for Computer Science at School.
  • Get a Degree in Computer Science (Bsc. Comp. Sci., B-tech. CSE, BCA, MCA etc.)
  • Certification in Computer Hacking (CEH, Security+, OSCP etc.)

You don’t only have to pursue them, but also have to build deep understanding of these subjects. A good academic score is always the gateway to most interviews.

Gather the Required Ethical Hacking Knowledge!

Here are the major sources for gathering Ethical Hacking knowledge:

  • Ethical Hacking Course– This website introduces you to the concept of ethical hacking. Tutorials, Videos and references on this website are arranged in a systematic and logical order so that you can make most out of it.
  • booksEthical Hacking Books– Books are the great source of knowledge. There are many security hacking books available online but we had compiled a list of best hacking books for you. Link: Best Ethical Hacking Books for Hackers
  • Video Courses– You are reading and enjoying hacking tutorials on this blog, that’s great. But sometimes theory isn’t enough and you wish to see things in action. Here comes the need for video tutorial course. You just have to sit and watch the videos online. You can watch them again and again till you grab most out of it. We have chosen some of the best and most loved Hacking video courses for you. LINK: Best Hacking Tutorial Courses (Video)

Finally- Become a Professional Hacker!

And here comes the best part- when you have gathered sufficient knowledge, you are ready to work as a Professional Hacker/Security Researcher/Analyst/Cyber Security Expert. You just have to search classified job sites now. Find a suitable job and apply.

According to different online studies and online available data, an average ethical hacker draws a salary of $100,000 annually. That’s great for most of us!


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