How To Hide Your IP Address by Changing it?

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about different ways to hide our IP address.  Hiding your IP address or changing it both approaches involves using a different IP address. This new IP will be different from what your ISP (internet service provider) actually provides you.

IP Address

IP AddressAny computer connected to a computer network is assigned an address of 32 bit which is called IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol.

IP address may be static or dynamic. Static IP address sticks to your connection and dynamic IP address changes every time when you connect to Internet.

An example of IP address is You can check your public IP address by typing “what is my IP” on Google or by visiting

Note: IP address is discussed in our previous article, basics of computer networking.

Motivation Behind Changing IP Address

There are some reasons why people like to change/hide their IP address, they are as follows:

  • Hide their geographical location
  • Prevent Web tracking (become anonymous)
  • Avoid leaving a digital footprint
  • Bypass any bans or blacklisting of their Internet protocol address.

Hiding IP Address – Pros. &. Cons.

Hiding IP address have some advantages as well as disadvantages in terms of security.

  • Advantages of Spoofing IP Address: It protects you against different online hacking attacks. You’ll be using a proxy and now no one can directly target you on the basis of your IP address, You are in a better situation now!
  • Disadvantages of Spoofing: Using a different IP address involves using a man in middle. You’ll be using a different IP that technically means that all your data is traveling through someone’s computer (or server) before it reaches you. They can have a look at your data. Therefore, it’s very important to use trusted proxies.

Ways to Hide your IP Address

Here are following ways to hide your Internet Protocol addresses:

  1. Use Web Based Proxy Websites
  2. Use VPN Clients
  3. Use Free WiFi

Proxy Website

Web-based proxy website works great if you wish to temporarily change your IP address. Online content that is geographically restricted to you can now be accessed. Suppose, you can’t access your national website from other countries, you just need to use any proxy website of your country. Internet Protocol address speaks your geographical location.

Proxy Website

HOW TO USE PROXY WEBSITES? You just have to visit any of these website and then enter webpage URL that you wish to visit (refer the image).

Some proxy website:

  • (List of 990+ Proxy Website)

Proxy Servers

A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services. A client connects to the proxy server, then requests a connection, file, or other resource available on a different server.

The concept is same as of proxy website but the way you have to use it different.


Linux users can dynamically chain several proxies together using proxychains (pre-installed in Kali.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Definition: VPN is a network that is constructed by using public wires — usually the Internet — to connect to a private network, such as a company’s internal network. There are a number of systems that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data.

You can use a number of software that will automatically connect you to a VPN. You’ll be at home but virtually you’ll be sitting at some other country and in someone’s local network.

  • SecurityKISS Tunnel – Free VPN Service
  • OpenVPN – Free VPN Service
  • TunnelBear – Free VPN service
  • CyberGhost

Install the SecurityKISS tunnel or any other VPN client and start them. As shown in the picture below, you’ll get connected to a virtual private network. Now, you can surf Internet from any available location/server.

VPN SecurityKISS Tunnel


Free WiFi and Free IP Address?

You can always visit a coffee shop, restaurant, shopping mall or public places where free WiFi is available. When you use their WiFi, you use their IP address.

Free WiFi

Now Don’t think about hacking your neighbor’s WiFi for new IP address. It’s unethical and illegal and a quick way to book a jail trip.

How To Confirm New IP Address?

To make sure your Internet Protocol address has changed, you just need to find out your IP before and after using any of the methods. Go to and search “what is my IP address” to know your public IP address.

Changes IP Address


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