TOP 10 Ways to Choose a Strong Password That Never Gets Cracked!

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some tricks and techniques to choose strong passwords. We all own several passwords and we use them every day to login into our email, social networking and bank accounts. Therefore, it’s very important to choose an unbreakable strong password.

Tips & Techniques: Choose a Strong Password!

To choose a strong password, you just have to follow these three rules:

  1. Make sure your password isat least 8 characters long. The longer, the better. Passwords of length 7 or less can be cracked in few hours.
  2. Always use an alpha-numeric password, a password made from combination of alphabets and numbers. Also, never forget to include special characters.
  3. For better security, choose a password with a combination of upper-case and lower-case alphabets.
  4. Password should be random for other but easier for you to remember.

Example Passwords: [email protected][2016] or [email protected]($)=AS!!

Symptoms of a Weak Password!

You might follow all above rules to choose a strong password but few mistakes might turn your password into a weak and vulnerable one. Here are few mistakes that you should always avoid!

  • Don’t include your name or name of family member, relatives, Boyfriend, Girlfriend in your password, because anyone can guess it.
  • Don’t choose date of birth, important dates and phone numbers as passwords! As they are easy to be found by anyone.
  • Never pick an English dictionary word; because that’s the first thing a hacker checks for. Hackers run password dictionary attack against your password and surely enough, in few minutes they gets it.

In short, never pick a password that others can guess, never choose your geographical place, popular movie character or anything like that other can guess.

Tips to Keep Your Password Safe!

Now here are few additional tips to keeps your password safe and private!

  • Never write your password on a piece of paper or in a notebook or diary.
  • Never use same passwords at two different sites. If one password gets leaked, your all other accounts will be soon hacked.
  • Never let anyone know your password, if you need to give access to someone- then choose a temporary password for a while. After sharing your password, change it as soon as possible.
  • Also, follow a policy to change all your passwords periodically, every week/month or so on. The trick is that, passwords should be changed before it can be cracked.

Now, when we’ll perform password cracking in later tutorials, then you’ll actually realize how easily passwords can be cracked.

For now, I can’t emphasis more on choosing a strong password!

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