How to Trace Mobile Number Details Manually?

Yes, it’s possible to trace mobile number details manually and it’s fairly easy. Of course there is NO-SINGLE-BUTTON which can disclose all the required details but we can surely use our intelligence and information gathering skills to get all the required information.

Manually Trace Mobile Number


INSTRUCTION: Before we begin tracking and tracing phone number details, create a text file where you can gather all investigation details. Later, you might have to refine and filter all the collected information to have final information. You can also try these all tracing and tracking techniques against your own mobile number.


To trace an unknown mobile number we have to perform few information gathering tasks one by one and we’ll hopefully get all the required details such as mobile number’s user name, location, photo and network operator etc. We’ll try:

  1. Truecaller Database
  2. Search Engines
  3. Phone Lookup Websites
  4. Look-up Social Networking Sites
  5. Communication & Chatting Apps

TrueCaller Database

TrueCaller is a service that lets you look-up details of any mobile number. TrueCaller has a huge database containing details of billions of phone numbers. Most probably the number you are trying to trace will be in their database. And you’ll get all the details such as location and photo of the user for free and instantly.

Visit: TrueCaller Website or Read Tutorial: TruceCaller Number Tracker | Name, Phone Location and Details.

Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Try Google Again – We use Google Search every day, so once again you just have to use Google again.

You might get some information about the Caller. The caller might be a thug, spammer or Tele Advertiser Caller. You just have to Google to find out what’s available on Internet.

Phone Number Lookup Sites

Many website provides phone number look up services. You can use some of these sites to trace mobile number details like user location, mobile operator and more.

Try following website to trace phone number details:


Note: There are dedicated phone lookup sites available for most countries. Try searching for such local phone websites.

Looking into Social Networking Sites

You might have used this feature earlier, to find your friend’s or crush’s profile on Facebook. What you have do here is same, just enter the target’s mobile number in the Facebook search.

Just pick your target’s phone number and do a search on some popular websites like:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Quora and other popular websites.

Facebook Phone Lookup

It will surely yield some results. Of course there are dozens of other social networking sites where you can try this.

Profiles on Communication-Chatting Apps!

We all uses Instant Messaging and communication applications like whatsapp, skype, Line, Hike etc. We all have profiles on some or any of these services or website.

Now, you just have to add your target’s mobile number in your contacts list and then, reopen and refresh app contact list, If a profile is available on whatsapp, skype, hike etc. then you’ll surely get plenty of information.

There are many other local or country specific apps that are available, you can try them as well.

Conclusion | Track and Trace Mobile Number Details

As of now, you might have already realized that this tutorial on tracing mobile number details is actually a part of Footprinting and Reconnaissance.

You can surely elevate your skills and techniques to trace more details.

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