Trace Real Address in India – Find Voter ID Card Details!

In this article, we are going to find exact address, location, age and family information of our target who is living in India (in our case, it’s me only). This article is a part of Footprinting, Information gathering we performed earlier.

This article also warns you – how much Internet knows about you.


So, this is how it happened, I was just searching for some information about voter id card online but what I found was totally shocking. I came to know about how easily someone can find your location, age, gender and exact address including your father’s name (or husband or whatever is on your Voter ID) with just a single click.

Everything is getting online, from shopping to booking, from registration to declaration, all official and government work. In the same regard, respective electoral authorities have given us the facility to check for status of our voter id card online. But what I found is that anyone can view my personal information online.

Find Voter ID Details and Exact Info

To find someone’s address (and other Voter ID card Information) you just need to know his/her name and should have some rough idea of his location (*constituency).



NOTE: I noticed that they keep changing their URL, they might have read this article or similar at some other website/forum. For the updated URL of CEO, perform Google search.

And likewise all other states of India have such facilities available Google for “Chief Electoral Officer + Your State Name”. A few CEO sites are as follows.

  • Maharashtra:
  • Gujrat:
  • Uttrakhand:
  • Karnataka:
  • ALL States CEO Website List:

Here is an image, that proves what I am saying. I also searched few other names and got all information about them as well.

Address traced

Amazed? Make sure you don’t overdo this, you might be in trouble, although chances are rare!

Exact Address is Online – Is it a Risk?

India has a population of 1.2 Billion. Delhi (Capital of India) has a population of 20 million. Most of us have voter ID card provided we are not minors. So, don’t you think this is a risk to our privacy? How secure you are feeling now?

They can make the search little more difficult by adding one other compulsory field to it like DOB (Date of birth) or Phone no. but on the other hand it may ruin the facility and may prove to be useless.

Update: Good News! CEO Delhi website has made some changes and now it’s little challenging to perform a successful lookup against target. But you have surely learned something from this article.

Moreover the required information they are asking, can be easily gathered using footprinting and Google Hacking.

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